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You have entered the domain of The Real Dukes of Dixieland. This website is about the history of one of America's most popular and successful Dixieland Jazz Bands ever The Dukes of Dixieland. Frank and Freddie Assunto started the band back in 1947, for more history please read the Band History by following the link to the left.

Our Mission!

This page is about the propagation and dissemination of data that is The Real Dukes of Dixieland. We hope to present this data in a format that is both informative and entertaining to all viewers.

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We here at Dukes Central have been combing the archives of the Frank Assunto Estate along with other sources but we realize that we might not have all the data there is in regards to the history of The Real Dukes of Dixieland and it's members. If you happen to have a news clip, photo, record information, or an old story that might be interesting and that's not contained within the website, please by all means send it to us.


We would like to thank the following individuals who have help us get this site off the ground and launched to the masses with their contributions of Dukes information and memorabilia:

Antonio "Deano" Assunto
Harry R. Porter
A.G. Parr
Jim Beebe
Jack & Nan Thomas
Don Gumpert
Joe Restarski

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