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America's First Royal Family of Dixieland Jazz

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Re-release of Original Dukes of Dixieland Material

Throughout the period of 1951 to 1974 the Real Dukes of Dixieland recorded several albums for several different record labels. Over the years the masters for one of these labels (Audio Fidelity) are not to be found. For the past several years an unscrupulous business man has been reissuing this original material under some bogus offshore record labels. We can't tell you not to buy this unauthorized and obviously plagiarized material, but we encourage you to only purchase authorized reproductions of the Real Dukes of Dixieland's original material.

Currently we are in litigation addressing the issue of the Audio Fidelity material

The list of authorized manufacturers of Real Dukes of Dixieland reissues are as follows:



Hindsight Records





CEMA #57001
CURB #77795



We really do encourage you to purchase CD and Tapes from only these manufacturers.

Project in the Works...

We have been contacted by numerous people from across the country expressing how they enjoy seeing the old photos of the Original Dukes of Dixieland. This got us thinking. Since there are no less than 3000 photos and color slides in the Assunto archives we figured that it's time to share them. These photos date back 1946, and include jazz greats such as Tony Parenti, Tommy Dorsey, Stanley "Happy" Mendelson, "Little" Chink Martin, Barrett Deems, Paul Barbarin, Harry Shields, Louis Armstrong, and many others.

So, how about a 200 page coffee table book?

We're interested in what you think. Please contact us at for any suggestions or photos to contribute for possible use in this project.